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Demo Reel 3D

This Demo reel mainly shows skills in the 3D and video editing sector:

My main areas of strength are: 3D Rigging, 3D Modeling or Sculpting, VFX and Animation, also, the use of video editing programs such as After Effects or Nuke, as well as performing post-production such as: integration of effects, color corrections, blurring, adding essential elements among many others.

Graduation short film

This was my graduation short film where I worked as a director and in every area that consisted of 3D. From generating the idea of ​​the script and the research texts to generating the modeling of certain characters and props, their texturing, rigging of the characters and settings, half of the animation of the short and all the creatures animation, as well as putting together the composition in after by render pass and all the post-production of this.

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